Sell House in Probate

sell probate house des moines

Unfortunately at some point, all of us will have to deal with the passing of a loved one. Some of us will be called upon by those loved ones to settle their final affairs. In the state of Iowa, this is predominantly handled via the process of Probate. Through this process the assets of the deceased are liquidated/dispersed and all final bills/claims on the estate are paid out. One of the biggest assets most people need to deal with in Probate is the house that was left behind. In most cases, the house must be sold in order to close Probate.

There are certain factors that come in to play depending on the situation. Was there a will? Did the will direct for the sale of the real estate. If there is no will or no direction to sell the real estate most likely the court will need to approve the sale of the property. This is a simple process where your attorney makes request of the court to sell the house in probate.

We’ve worked with a lot of these situations. We have actually been through it ourselves. We understand the emotions that come up when you’re faced with the prospect of selling your parent’s home, possibly a home in which you spent your childhood. Sitting in the dining room sorting through all of the memories Mom saved and deciding who’s going to get the china.

Our goal is to help make this process as simple and stress free as possible for you. You have enough to deal with already without having to figure out how to get rid of that piano or get all of the donations taken to the local charity. If you decide to let us buy the house from the estate/probate, we won’t ask you to do much else. We’ll tell you to take anything you want, leave everything you don’t and we’ll take care of it. Other than that, there will just be the standard paperwork to handle. We’ll connect you’re attorney with our attorney so that all the details are handle efficiently.